Trusted Partner 

RhoKit provides multi-merchant to wholesale data and payment processing. Our reputation as a trusted partner is built on scaling our clients’ operations across borders and verticals, managing large data sets  and solving complex business problems.  

Payroll, Freight Settlement, Payments Aggregation and More 

We help small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) grow through one integration into our scalable toolbox. We complement their core capabilities by completing critical business processes like payroll,  freight settlement or other cross-border payments seamlessly, whilst adhering to relevant customer data  protection and other compliance requirements. 

100 Solutions in One Toolkit 

Our toolkit is a one stop shop for over 100 solutions. We have been deliberate in making it easy for  entrepreneurs to onboard swiftly and scale with our suite of services provided à la carte according to  evolving business needs. Our core processes are commonly used in banking remediation to improve  service delivery within otherwise underserved customer segments.  

Multi-Merchant to Wholesale 

We work with SMEs as merchants and improve services between their retail activities and acquiring  banks. For instance, we can take payments in any African geography from partner bank accounts including credit card transactions and other convenient payment methods such as mobile money.  

RhoKit’s Original Story 

RhoKit was founded in Kenya in 2021, subsequently setting up related entities in the United Kingdom,  Tanzania and Nigeria, all driven by client demand to re-enforce our payments ecosystem.  

On Time and to Cost 

RhoKit is created and driven by the business needs of business to business customers by leveraging our  banking relationships and financial remediation services. We improve our customers’ operational  efficiencies through on time and to cost customer promise and payment service delivery. Our applications  are niche but scaled through the hundreds of physical branches and the ubiquitous online footprints of  banking partners. RhoKit impacts the bottom line by consistently beating our peers in cost and speed of  fulfilment. 

A First Step to 100 solutions 

Currently headquartered in Nairobi, East Africa, RhoKit serves a number of functions, including but not limited to: 

1. Finding new merchant clients and integrating them onto payment services on behalf of the  acquiring banks and payment processors; 

2. Providing oversight to payment processing such as batched transactions put through local  employers and wholesalers;; and 

3. Supporting customers, merchants, and buyers for the lifetime of their relationship with the  payment service including secure and customer orientated Know Your Customer (KYC)  procedures. 

The Pan-African Journey Ahead 

Future geographies are in the offing driven by ongoing underlying pan-African economic integration  initiatives such as the East African Community (EAC), the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)  and Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS), to name a few. RhoKit is increasingly  relevant as African countries do more with each other including encouraging the movement of people,  trade of goods and their corresponding capital transactions. 

RhoKit welcomes you onto our platform toolkit of over 100 solutions.

Our toolkit will launch your business to the next level!